Funeral Repatriation from Spain

The first group of Ukrainians arrived in Spain at the end of 1946 from the displaced persons camp in Rimini (Italy). An important factor that contributed to the Ukrainian migration was the Spanish mentality, close to the Ukrainian one, the absence of xenophobia, the hospitality, benevolence of the Spaniards and their respectful attitude towards the Ukrainians. But it often happens that even living abroad on a permanent residence, the person himself wants to be buried in the Motherland, so in the event of death a citizen of Ukraine on the territory of Spain, the following actions must be taken.
Перевезення померлих з Іспанії

1) Notify the authorities that a death has occurred.

If you are not in a hospital or hospice at the time of death, call 911 immediately so that death can be legally pronounced. If a person one is in hospital or under hospice care, this task is usually left to healthcare professionals

If a person was in emigration and died, the following actions must be taken.

Call the "hotline" number of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Spain + 34 917 48 9360. Find out at the Consulate about life expectancy, also ask for a list of funeral companies engaged in international transportation of the deceased. Our cooperation with the Consular Department of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Spain guarantees fast, legal and responsible transportation of the deceased from Spain to Ukraine.

2.) Arrange transportation by calling our ritual company.

Get a free consultation on the registration of death documents in the Kingdom of Spain and assistance with the transportation of a coffin with the body of the deceased or an urn with ashes. We do not need the presence of relatives and friends in Kingdom of Spain to transport your close person to Ukraine. Just give us a permission-order, which will allow us to take all the necessary actions on the territory of the Kingdom of Spain in order to transport the body of the deceased from abroad to Ukraine. Be aware of any autopsy or organ donation arrangements before the mortuary or crematorium accepts a loved one into their care.


3.) Notify family and close friends of the death.

You can ask someone with these people to tell others.

4.) Notify the employer if the deceased was still employed.

Ask about salary balances, life insurance, benefits, or any other job-related details you might need.


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