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Funeral Repatriation “Memento mori” sp.z.o.o.
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About us

The loss of a loved one is grief for relatives. And death abroad is another diffcult test for the family. Quite often in such moments, we humans are not able to act and think rationally. That is why ritual companies come to the rescue. Do not hesitate, trust us - professionals, our firm will simplify the entire repatriation procedure, and we will give you the opportunity to be in mourning and focus on what is important, your family.
Our employees settle all legal issues, documents and their translation, embalming the body, help with the selection of a coffin, and bring your loved one to the burial place. And an individual approach guarantees respectful treatment of the living and the dead, saving your money and time.
Work with us, the of the deceased is performed not only quickly, but also qualitatively. The loss of a loved one is a deeply personal chapter in life, and we, like no one else, understand and respect that. This means you and your family can count on Funeral Repatriation to provide expert and compassionate care. We are at your service and by your side every step of the way.
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Why you should trust us
transportation of the dead body?

We organize transportation and provide ritual services for a funeral or cremation of a body in the country where the person died.
We provide the lowest cost of transporting the body of a deceased person to Ukraine from any country in Europe and the whole world.
We have the opportunity to provide free transportation of the deceased to Ukraine from abroad in case of insured death.

Action algorithm when a loved one has died

When a loved one dies, the consequences can be overwhelming for those left responsible for transportation, documentation and funeral arrangements, all of which can seem very confusing and emotional for you.
Whether a death is expected or unexpected, emotional struggles and feelings of disbelief can cloud thinking, complicating the task of planning a funeral.


Report the death to the authorities

If you are not in a hospital or hospice at the time of death, call 911 immediately so that death can be legally pronounced. If person death in the hospital or under hospice care, this task is usually left to healthcare professionals.


Arrange transportation by calling our funeral home

Be aware of any autopsy or organ donation arrangements before the mortuary or crematorium accepts a loved one into their care.


Notify family and close friends of the death

You can ask someone with these people to tell others.


Notify the employer if the deceased is still employed

Ask about salary balances, life insurance, benefits, or any other job-related details you might need.


Find a will and any pre-planned wishes of a deceased relative

Types of transportation of the dead


By air

Transporting the coffin with the body by air is the fastest way to send it to its destination. Transportation in this way involves the use of a special coffin with a zinc deposit, if necessary, a hermetic caulking is performed. After arriving at the destination, the body is moved to another coffin. Transportation of the coffin with the body on the plane must be carried out in the presence of an accompanying person. It is also necessary to present a package of supporting documents. The list depends on whether you need to cross the state border.


Our funeral home can offer you such a burial as cremation - the process of burning the body of a deceased person. Often, the deceased himself leaves an order for the cremation of his body among his last wishes. "Funeral Repatriation - Memento mori" is able to perform cremation anywhere, in a short time and deliver it to the place of burial as soon as possible.
We have a large selection of cremation urns, and we will help you even if we are located in different parts of the world!

Also, in order to save your money, we can offer you several options for urn delivery, we will certainly provide a complete set of documents regarding the death person, a cremation certificate, confirmation of sealing of the urn with ashes.
If necessary and at your request, we can organize a video farewell to a loved one before the cremation procedure, if you are far away and cannot be physically present.


By road transport

Transportation by motor vehicle is the best option for transporting the coffin with the deceased over a short distance. This is the cheapest type of transportation compared to the ones listed above. Transportation is carried out in a special vehicle - a hearse - and requires the presence of accompanying documentation. The hearse must be specially equipped, in Europe it must have a suitable temperature and a separate, galvanized cargo compartment and meet the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological regulations

Insurance cases

Our company has the opportunity to carry free repatriation in case of insured death, we also know how to help compatriots in obtaining insurance compensation
We approach each case individually and help solve insurance payment issues as quickly as possible (to the extent possible by law)

Insurance payments to participants
Road accidents in Europe

Insurance payments in case of injuries
in production in Europe

Insurance payments for death
or death abroad

Insurance cases


Our proposals for cooperation with insurance companies

Our company of international transportation of the deceased cooperates with many ritual companies all over the world. We are able to organize the transportation of the body of a deceased citizen of Ukraine to the Motherland from any country in the world. We are open to cooperation with as many insurance companies as possible to help people. With us, you will receive round-the-clock service and constant contact regarding any of your questions. We take on all the difficulties of the international transportation of the dead from abroad. If you are a representative of an insurance company or a law firm - do not doubt that our cooperation with you will be open and as comfortable as possible for you and your clients.

Our proposals for cooperation with representatives of the Ukrainian community abroad

Our firm of international funeral services and transportation of the deceased from abroad is always ready not only for cooperation, but also for friendly cooperation, mutual assistance with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, representatives of religious communities, public figures, with the aim of providing comprehensive assistance to our compatriots abroad. For our part, we are ready to undertake: Transportation of the bodies of deceased compatriots to Ukraine Dissemination of information important for the diaspora Assistance in the search for missing compatriots Provision of professional, expert, round-the-clock consultation on the provision of funeral services abroad in accordance with local legislation.

Cooperation with Ukrainian embassies and consulates abroad.

If you are a respected representative of Ukraine, a diplomat - Ambassador, Consul, Honorary Consul or Secretary of Consular Affairs - remember that you can always count on our great experience and sincere desire to help Ukrainians in their difficult time. You can be approached by families who are completely unfamiliar with local procedures, who do not know the requirements, sanitary standards and rules of local authorities - we are ready to support them emotionally and help with the transportation of the body of the deceased to Ukraine. We are open to any contacts with diplomats of Ukraine in any country in Europe and the world.

Funeral Repatriation “Memento mori” sp.z o.o.
NIP : 6793211538
Poland, Cracow
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